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Welcome to Universal Freelancers

I am sure lot of you must have faced difficulties in getting jobs. These are the times when lot of people have lots jobs and want to start all over again. Also, we keep on applying on different portals but do not get any response? As we are seeing a huge shift in the way we used to work. More and more people are opting for freelance jobs. Do you also want to get a job and work from home, do you want to work for some skills along with your job or do you want a lifestyle where you can travel and work from anywhere? We are coming up a solution for all those of you who are looking for finding freelance opportunities.

We use artificial intelligence in connecting the job seekers to job providers. It is for anyone and everyone who is looking to find a freelance work in tech as well as not tech roles.

You can build your portfolio on our web portal which employers can look at while hiring you. We know the hard work you put in so we have client verification process so that your job is secure with us. And the best is that once you submit the project client will be giving you the review which will be an added advantage for next job. part every project you work for you will get the review of it by the client. It will also help you to brush up your skills by providing courses.

Job providers have to go through multiple CV’s usually but here we will be scrutinizing the applications and then share with employers. It will reduce your hassle by sharing the applications of the right candidates fit for the job.